Hiding sub-level loading transitions?

I’m mostly new to this whole thing and i’m trying to get my bearings, any help is appreciated

ok to get straight to the point let me explain what i’m trying to do:
I created multiple lighting scenarios in a level and I want the player to be able to actively switch between them easily and quickly (this part i was able to do well)

while switching between the lighting scenarios there is a split second of complete darkness without any lighting and some visual unpleasantness that happens between the unloading and loading of the lighting scenarios. alongside the transition there is some actors and static meshes that change as well (for example a window in one scenario is closed, in the other it’s open) this change happens instantly and blinks from one mesh to the other.

there is a few limitations I have to work with:

  • I can’t make the actors move smoothly or rotate, as they are changing their mesh entirely.
  • I can’t make the lights dynamic and change them smoothly as there are too many in a small area to make them all dynamic.

to hide this transition i want to achieve these 2 effects:

  • a fade in fade out of the 2 scenes
  • a blur effect on top of the fading to further hide the blink transitions (currently I was able to follow a great simple tutorial ( to achieve a radial blur effect with a post process material which seems to work great)

I thought of 2 scenarios to achieve the above, I’m trying to figure out how to do any one of them currently:

A. worst case scenario:

  • capture the camera view from the player before and after the loading period with a “SceneCaptureComponent2D” into 2 “Render_Target_Tex”,
  • prevent the player from moving or changing his view
  • use the 2 render target textures to achieve the above effect with a post process material (I tried to use the tex in the post process material but couldn’t figure out how to make it replace what the player is viewing entirely).

B. Best case scenario:

  • prevent the player from moving but allow him to look around
  • somehow achieve the effect mentioned above…

so if anyone have any suggestions or methods of doing the above, or If there is a better scenario or method that I don’t know, please point it out to me.
and I apologies if this problem was mentioned and solved before, I tried to look for a solution but I was just not sure what the right keyword is, so if anyone can at least give me a few keywords to search for that will also be helpful.

also I should mention that I’m working entirely with blueprints, as I’m not proficient enough in coding.

thank you all in advance…