Hiding Specific Actors

Hi there everyone.

I currently purchased UE4, and as a user of UDK3, I have to say first and foremost, I’m pleasantly surprised. I love the new engine, however I’m currently working on a new project, and I have a pesky problem.
I’m creating a remodel of a certain house and I’m working off blueprints and floorplans of the house. I sculpted the walls and floors of the house but when I try to hide a top floor from the scene so I can work on the lower floors, as soon as I place another actor into the scene or move a current actor within the scene, all hidden actors become visible although their “hide” button is still triggered to hide.

Does this happen for anyone else?

TL;DR : when I hide my actors they become unhidden if I place another actor in the scene or move a visible actor.
If I move an actor on the first floor of the house, the originally hidden 2nd and 3rd floor will then become visible and I have to re-hide them

Thanks in advanced for you help.

bump because I need help

alright i guess im the only one with this problem.

Hi TheOldWizard,

I’ve been looking into this issue, however I have thus far been unable to reproduce the effect you are describing. Can you give me detailed reproduction steps to follow to see if I can make this happen on my end? Does this only happen in one project or are you able to reproduce the effect in a clean project on the default map? Thank you!