Hiding parts of an object?

theres two ways to solve this one. first you could make a circular floor which would eliminate the issue and is probably the better solution. second you could make the floor a transparant or masked material and use a mask to define where the floor would be see through. this method isnt ideal since it would use a more complex shader and could potentially cause issues if your player is able to leave the circular area since the floor would sill have its collision.

if it wont interfere with anything outside you could do option two and modify the material. or you could download a modeling software like blender which is free.

another option would be to use a cylinder that you scale to make it almost flat then scale to make the ellipse shape you want.

Hi there,

I’ve got a bit of a problem I’m trying to get to grips with, basically I’ve got a flat platform as a floor for my map, that has a cylindrical wall, so looks like the attached.

Outside of this is a pretty nice outdoors environment as a backdrop.

My problem is that as the player gets to the end of the wall they can look over and see the edges of the floor for the map, is there anyway of hiding the edges of the floor that are outside of circular wall?

I’d appreciate your help.



Hi Thompson problem is the floors not really round, it’s more elliptical and I don’t have a 3D modelling package
As for the second technique I’m still a relative novice, how do I do this exactly?

Could you please provide a step by step example as to how to do option 2

i dont really have the time to make a guide at the moment but below ill link a few resources that should help. while it is possible to use a mask and transparency i would highly suggest actually creating a mesh of the correct shape rather than using the material method as it will be more performant and far less complex. there is actually a basic shape in blender that is basically the shape you want. but if your still having trouble later let me know and i will go into more detail on either method.

I’m really having difficulty to get this to work I’m using the M_ground_grass material and would really appreciate some help if you get chance.

Many thanks,

ok ill give a little step by step assuming that you can create a basic material and this will be from the perspective of making a basic material from scratch.

ok so to start you will need to create a black and white image to act as the mask. this image will need to be the shape your looking for or a similar enough shape that you can scale the geometry. i downloaded one from google and modified it a bit for this example. after you create the texture import it into unreal and create a new material. open the material and drag the texture onto the graph.

next you will need to select the material node, the big brown one. then go to the details panel and look for blend mode and change it to masked. now plug your texture mask into the opacity mask pin. you will also need to plug something into the base color pin (your grass texture).

Massively appreciated many thanks!