Hiding magazine bone

Hey guys,
I have started to work on an animation on my weapon to look realistic. I want to hide the magazine in a specific gun on a certain frame from a montage. Problem is I’ve struggled a lot to try and attempt to target the weapons skeletal mesh and I just can’t seem to be able to get it. If you need more information or any visual content let me know.

Thank you!

This Should Help

No sorry if I wasn’t clear, what I meant was I’m struggling to get the target to that node done correctly. Which is the skeleton of the weapon in my weapon blueprint actor.
Thanks anyway.

then CastToWeapon- As Weapon - Promote To Variable so you have a Reference to the weapon in that BP best way to get that is using the Event Construct so you dont have to have it on the end of anything
Example - Screenshot - 8d7648a519abb2a75054b5f204b9fb80 - Gyazo and it will give reference like this Screenshot - 078ae72d56127dea3f2c1c8a19acaf0b - Gyazo

if there is no Event Construct add it to BeginPlay not Event tick that will do it every second unless you add a timer or delay on it

Hey thanks for the reply!
Didn’t work unfortunately however. :confused:
I kept getting “The type of Object is undetermined”, I done this in the blueprint class of a weapon which has a parent class. Also had to do it with BeginPlay since Event construct is not available. Any other suggestions?

You can try to make a new Variable and Make it a Character Class and assign the Weapon to it Screenshot - a1db147a8eaad06b9c51e5c96977825d - Gyazo

Thanks again,
I did do this problem is it won’t connect to the hide bone node now.
This is some tricky business!

Drag off Weapon Variable and get Bone then attach?

Could you show me a screenshot of what you mean, sorry for the trouble

I cant really because i have a different set up than you, my weapon is a Actor not attach to the ThirdPerson or Firstperson BP i have my weapon spawn when you start the game all you have to do is make a New Variable, instead of a Boolean make it a Character Class its purple then Compile, then set the Class of the Variable to your weapon the drag off it and type Hide Bone by name then type in the bone name

My weapons are actors and spawn at the start of the game as well, I think this is why none of the methods were working hahaha, maybe a method that would work on your sort of project would work on mine?