Hiding layers not working in perspective view

Hi there

I am using layers to organize my level and they work fine, except for the fact that hiding a layer only works in the orthographic views, but not the perspective view. Even if I specifically hide the layer using the viewport show menu, it doesn’t work in perspective view…

Addendum: Only BSP brushes exhibit the above behaviour. Static Meshes work fine!

Any ideas on why that could be?


Are you sure you are not in “G” mode? G mode is game mode and disables and editor-only view changes, as well as hiding all editor-only elements.

If you are still experiencing problems, click the “show” dropdown menu on the viewport and click “Use Defaults”. It is possible you your G mode into a weird state somehow.

Hey Ryan

Nope, I’m definitely not in game mode. I also have tried the “Use Defaults” function but that isn’t doing anything.

This behaviour is really strange: I get the correct representation in the ortho views but not in perspective view. Also, I cannot select the hidden actors in the perspective view (Can’t find target actor) but it nevertheless still shows up.

In the screenshop you can clearly see that I have hidden all BSP brushes. Only the level base static meshes are still visible, but the perspective display still shows all. This is actually stable behaviour for me for BSP brushes. Static meshes do fine.



Have You found any solution, cause I run into the same problem?