Hiding Engrams for Mods

I am having some trouble finding the right way to disable certain engrams for a mod. I am currently running on of the top Unofficial servers and would like to add a mod on there but I want to disable a certain engram.

I believe this is the value you have to use to disable an item but what if the item is not on the master engram list?


What should I replace the EngramIndex= with?

I vaguely remember someone on IRC mentioning something about “class” instead when disabling/hiding engrams…

Sorry I can’t provide much more than that at the moment. Head over to http://webchat.quakenet.org/ and the channel is #arkmodding and ask there if you don’t work it out.


Someone got it to work with my mod by this :


So try replacing the “EngramEntry_MetalFence_C” with the engram you want to hide.