Hiding Direction Indicators in Play Mode

I purchased “Earth Simulator” on the marketplace, which I will be using on an OLED screen during an indie shoot.

The default level shows red and blue indicators which describe the orbital path of the moon and the rotational axis of both the moon and earth. These are not viewport gadgets, as they appear in play mode and standalone mode. I have scoured the settings for this level and looked at the blueprints and submitted a question to the author.

I’m hoping that these are just an Unreal Engine setting that I’m too much of a nub to know about and there’s an obvious setting to hide these elements.


Answering my own question here. This has nothing to do with Unreal and everything to do with the way the creator set up this scene.

In case the knowledge helps anyone, here’s the answer I slogged my way to:

  • In the outliner, the Moon and Earth objects are just singular Blueprint objects, the Moon as a child of the Earth.

  • The orbit paths and axis markers are geometry that are part of the blueprints. The way you get at them is to Edit Moon/Earth, which brings up the Class Defaults. From there you want to click “Open Full Blueprint Editor”.

  • In the BluePrint editor in the upper-left pane you’ll find the Components tree. In this tree, you see all the objects in the hierarchy which make up this blueprint. There were elements in both Earth and Moon called “AxialTiltGraphic” and on the moon only called “OrbitGraphic” and “BaseOrbitGraphic”.

  • When you select any of these objects, the details panel (on the right by default) has a “Rendering” section. In there, you need to check “Hidden in Game”.

This way they are visible in the editor viewport, which is handy, but when you start the standalone game, it’s just space, the sun, the earth, and the moon.

Really cool layout, and it’s been fun to learn with!