Hiding Custom Engrams

Hey guys,

Is there any variable in the ARK Dev Kit that allows you to hide custom engrams, when you have used Additional Engram Blueprint Classes in the mods’ GameData?

For example, one of my mods allows the admin to spawn a Pick Axe that can knock down any structure instantly. However, this mod still appears in everyones’ engram list, in-game, despite it being impossible to craft the custom item. The “Give Blueprint to Player Inventory” variable is off, and I have set the level requirement to 1000, costing 1000 engram points.

Thanks in advance.

if you don’t create an engram entry you should still be able to spawn it in with a admin command.

create a master list item in the primaldata of your mod but dont create an additional engram entry that way it can only be spawned in but the engram will not show up in game for ppl

Don’t use the master item list, that really should only be used for testing purposes.

There is an .ini based setting you can use I believe. I don’t know if it has to be set by the server owner or if it’s possible somehow to do it in the graphs(I know we can read .ini’s from graphs) but in this post is how you can hide engrams.


Thanks for the replies; as WoefulMacabre has said, using the master item list is unclean and causes conflicts with updates.

If I don’t add the engram to the “Additional Engram Blueprint Classes”, it does not let me spawn the item.

Does anyone know of a way of hiding the engram from within the ARK editor; most of my subscribers would be wary of modifying the ini files on their servers.

im not sure where your getting this info of the master item list being unclean it works perfectly fine for what your trying to do as long as you name the primal data of your object to something like test then your fine then when your ready to push it through name it to what you want and add an engram for it i do it all the time when testing and have no issues with it or just make another mod for testing your mod its pretty simple honestly

It’s what the developers have said. They don’t want modders messing with the master list. You only need to use that when toying in the DevKit and would like instant spawning when using PIE.


You “could” use the Master Item List for your engrams - if you do the item will work only until the parent company updates next. Then that update will overwrite your information - or worse, your add-on item will be in the place where something they put is in place, causing one of the two to error out. It’s just not a good idea to use that list, it’s not meant for us.

Be safe - Be clean - Use the Additional Item Lists (Engrams, Structures and Classes). You’ll be happier for it.

Now to answer the question: Can you hide an Engram?

Sure - Don’t create it in any list. Have the admins use the spawn item as mentioned above.

I have many consumables that are not engrams - and are crafted in special crafting ways. Like for example the Dry Kibble - Universal Dino Food, great for feeding (All dinos prefer it over normal and it has a long shelf life (Even longer in a feeding trough) - terrible for taming. It’s made with no eggs so you can save them for baby dinos. Shameful Plug You can’t learn it - it’s an auto craft in the Kibble Maker, BUT an admin could spawn the item still using the full cheat command.

Hope those ideas help.

Ahh, thank you, CFrankie.

I was under the impression that you had to add them to one of the lists in GameData in order to be able to spawn them in.

This only applies to structures and the like I believe. They will need to be added in the additional array for placing structures.


Hey guys, ive been searching for hours now how to hide a specific engram from a mod.

I run a dedicated ARK medieval server and I want to hide metal structures and other stuff from a mod.

Can someone help me please ! ^^

Did you read this thread, or bother searching the forums? “Hiding Engrams for Mods” is a thread title, I don’t see how you could miss it.

Taken from the thread I linked:

So - GameUserSettings.ini;


Replacing “filenamehere” with exactly how it is spelled on the EngramEntry_# file in the mod folder of your ark server install for each engram you want to hide.