Hiding camera component debug visual

Hey guys, is there a way to hide the debug visual mesh that comes with every camera component inside an actor?

I’m developing a game that makes heavy use of camera components inside other actor classes for camera blending… as you can imagine because of their debug visual it gets to make my editor scene view really crowded…

I looked everywhere but I can’t find a flag for hiding this editor mesh? What am I missing?

also looking for an answer to this one – is there no functionality in BP for this?

Hey so I am having the same problem trying to find a way to hide the camera component. Although I have not been able to find the correction solution anywhere. The only thing that I can find to do is to make all of the cameras really small by changing their scale in blueprint of the actor. This will remove some of the clutter and not affect the cameras negatively.

ah, awesome workaround! Thanks!!!

Hit “G” this should hid all Game icons from view