Hiding Blueprint Actors vs Destroying Them


I am currently developing a system for picking up and throwing props, and I am torn between two possible implementations for picking up the props:

  • Destroying the prop as it’s picked up and storing the prop’s class in the player character
  • “Disabling” the prop (disabling collision, tick, and making the object invisible) and giving the character a reference to that specific actor

I realize that destroying the prop actor would mean there is one less object in the world that the game has to keep track of, but I’m thinking that disabling the prop would leave it not ticking it may have a similar effect.

Which of these methods would be more ideal? Would destroying the prop be more performance effective, and would it scale better with multiple players than simply disabling the prop? Or would the cost be insignificant enough for it just to be a matter of preference?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope to hear from you all with some ideas soon. :slight_smile: