Hiding Blueprint Action (Functions / Nodes) Categories for a Blueprint Event Graph

I want to be able to restrict the amount of the globally shown Nodes / Functions in the editor only for a specific class that can have Blueprint event graphs. The “meta” tag would seem to be the right one for specifying this but this kind of functionality does not seem present yet.

The reason for this is that I want to do that is to restrict usage of nodes in this specific type of assets, which should not ever have any nodes in use that aren’t protected/privates ones of said class. Our team decided this would be the safest and least error-prone option for our workflow.

When you right click an event graph in your BP asset you will find a context menu with a list of functions similar to the one in the image below:

We want to only see certain categories of nodes here that we want to be able to specify.

Would this be a meaningful feature in your opinion? Is there any workaround for this? Any way I can easily add this to the engine myself?

It’s all in SGraphActionMenu.cpp

void SGraphActionMenu::GenerateFilteredItems(...)
// ...

So you can modify the filtering there, but it’s not what I would call easy unless you know what you’re doing. Also, modifying the engine puts you in an annoying place of having to upkeep those modifications through engine versions. I would likely just submit this as a feature request and see if Epic wants to toss it in - unless you’re willing to do all the upkeep and initial work yourself.

Thanks for the hint to the code, that’s a good start.

Where would I submit this as a feature request? Or did you mean pull request on github?

UE4 Feedback on the forums, or do it yourself and issue a pull request.