HideCategories specifier won't affect Events category


I’ve created a custom component subclassed from box component to use as a basic ‘marker’ type object (a transform point with visual representation for easier work in editor). It has overlap events and collision in general turned off. So I don’t need to have all these BlueprintAssignable delegates from PrimitiveComponent available to the end-user. But for some reason HideCategories does not effect the Events category (nor does it affect the categories specified directly in delegate handles like “Input|Mouse Input” or “Collision”). Perhaps there is another way to achieve what I want, but I find it rather strange to not to allow to hide delegates for events which can not occur. Hope this gets fixed in the future! :slight_smile:

Take care,

Hi IanBreeg,

I’m currently investigating your report and I will post back here with an update as soon as I have something for you.

I was able to reproduce what you are seeing and I have entered it as JIRA UE-14624. It seems that most categories are not able to be hidden. Our developers will be investigating it further and we will post back here with updates as we have them.



has this ever been resolved ? I am still seeing my categories even though i am trying to hide them, specifically
hidecategories = (“ActorTick”, “ComponentTick”, “Tags”, “Activation”, “Variable”, “Replication”, “Rendering”, “Input”, “Actor”)

Tags, ComponentTick, Activation, Variable seem to still be visible. It would really help if these would hide as well to create cleaner input windows.

Hi Chrys,

What you are seeing is intended. Our developers wanted some categories to be hide-able and others not. It’s based off of what functions are contained in specific categories.

That’s a pretty frustrating design decision…