Hide Videofiles inside pak

Hey friends, would any of you know a way to help me out!
When you use local video files in the Media Player Framework, the videos will be copied in plain sight into the Installation folder upon distribution/packaging.

We have been looking into solutions to hide the video!
Currently we use Media Streaming Source to not store anything locally. Sadly this impacts the app performance severly!

Does es any of you know a way to hide the files inside the pak files / a plug-in that encrypts the video / different type of source to finally have a little more security and control. Or a plug-in that downloads the video before we display it? Thanks for any hint, this problem is taking so much time to solve.

What for? Anything you build to hide the video can be undone by a determined player, so ultimately you’re wasting your time. For example, the pak file can easily be extracted using the same tool that packages them.

Don‘t we have an option to encrypt the pak files? Was thinking that both features could lead to a solution.
Reason being the license and copyrights on the video files.
Anything more than just being completely visible inside a folder would be a huge step towards licensed video content.

The game must contain the decryption key in order to read the file, so someone could recover it and extract the file. That’s starting to get more advanced though.

As long as there is some effort necessary it wont be a problem. You can download any youtube video with the right tool. but you cant just right click and press download.
I have not found a way to be able to package the video files and let unreal open it in runtime, somehow it only works when its in the movie folder as a plain file.