Hide the object

Hi. What to do to keep the object hidden after entering its collision box? Regards



That’s what I understood.

I mean something like this:


By following the answer and entering box collision, only the static mesh (Cube) is hidden, while BP (Waypoint) is still visible … ?

Seems to work fine with both world and screenspace widgets. Assuming the waypoint comp is a widget.

Are you sure the script looks like this and is not wired in some other, more explicit way?

Another way to do it is to propagate visibility but that seems redundant:


And yet another way is to Destroy the whole shebang but that may be undesirable for a number of gameplay reasons, ofc…

I tried with the widget but got a lot of bugs. Waypoint has a couple of scripts, and that’s about it:


If you need help, you’ll need to disclose more details. The above setup seems to work fine as is, it seems.

We can’t help if we do not not know what else you’re doing…