Hide Struct Pins By Default Option

When blueprint struct variables are added or renamed any break nodes for those structs show pins for the added variables or reveals renamed pins that were previously hidden. This can cause blueprints to become unorganized. I haven’t been able to find a solution to this minor annoyance other than hiding the unconnected pins again. I was also unable to find if this request had already been made. My feature request is an option in the editor preferences to hide struct pins by default.The pins the user wants to use could be checked via a check box similar to how hiding pins works now. If a pin is already connected and its name or index within the struct is changed it would not be hidden.

I agree. During development you often change name or add aditional variables. And then you need to find all struct nodes and fix them.

I tried to use “hide unconnected pins” binding in editor preferences, but it has different purpose. It hides pins in every node while the problem is really about structs only. Using “Hide unconnected pins” binding you need to do that in each blueprint and what’s more - I can’t find out how to show these hidden pins again so whole blueprint is hard to modify.

Please make these option “Hide Struct Pins By Default” available.

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