Hide objects With day and night blueprint


I’m looking for away to hide objects with a time I have a day and night blueprint script it has 24 hours time real time

I need to know how to toggle the set visibilty of an object or any object to hide after a sercent time like digital clock set to 4:00 am in morning and the lights or fire will turn off

I would say, you have two valid options here. One would be Event Dispatchers, the other would be a BPI.

Regardless of how you do it. You’ll need references. So, for the ED, make it something callable from GameMode, which probably should be the exact place it needs to be anyway. Easy to reference.

Bind it in every actors you want, and just toggle the visibility “Set Hidden In Game” or whatever you want.

BPIs is the other way to do it, but tbh, since it’s a blanket-wide call. ED seems like the better fit. But doesn’t matter in the end how you do it.

This video can tell you exactly what you want to know and how to do it: