Hide New EPIC Header Menu?

I like the new header menu. Quick and easy access to all the most important areas and EPIC websites. But its so big. i spend hours reading the UE4 documentation and it takes up so much space even in full screen mode. It is distracting. I feel as though a menu should be easy to find, but at the same time fall into the background allowing the user to focus on the main content.

Can you add a feature to hide or shrink it?

Quick tip if anyone else is also having the same issue as me. You can press F12 in Firefox and Chrome and delete/resize the HTML tags directly. Not really a fix but it helps.

Firefox: Tools > Web Developer > Inspector
Chrome: More Tools > Developer tools

More important thing – this menu covers up top part of a page if I open a specific post by a direct link. And I have to scroll page back a little to actually see the beginning of the post.

Here is how displayed first post of this topic

A better solution instead of removing the bar would be to have a button that makes it on top not scrolling with my screen! (or as it is on many other websites that it hides itself by scrolling down a bit and if scrolling up a bit it shows back)

A better question maybe is to ask: is this new top-bar even really necessary?
Its not showing up on Chrome for me. (Have to log-in using an alternate solution).

this is because you havent changed your style to “dark” - as you are not logged in you do not see the bar in the usual “UEGrey” style but on “UEDark” it is there. Even if you are not logged in.

see this: b92e26204370de15a8349a1c9692c3ff317cf4f2.png

you can change the style on the very bottom of the page.

On Chrome i can’t see the forum header anymore.

There is a topic for this:

Basically, I use UBlock Origin from Gorhill to block that bar. It is an insanely annoying addition that adds nothing of value. These sticky bars are trending in web development, and I will never understand why.