Hide mouse cursor when using gamepad on umg???

Hey guys i can’t hide the mouse cursor when I’m using the gamepad to navigate menu, any suggestions??? I would like to auto detect when mouse is used and switch focus (and hide/unhide mouse cursor obviously) , is this possbile?

You have to detect keypresses in UMG and change the UI mode depending on the input type.
Its that easy to explain, and very advanced to actually do. But there are some free tut. On input management out there you may be able to follow…

ye…I went through a lot of tutorial but still can’t figure it out. Would you be able to leave a link? Even something similar would be ok, because this thing is driving me crazy haha and apparently I don’t know what to look for exactly, hope you understand. Thanks for your message!!!

Well, I’ll give you a screenshot, best I can do atm.
the proper setup is involved. you need each widget on the screen that can potentially receive input to have this. I have a system setup where every widget I add is a widget I created that extends the base function of the base type button/text/etc.

Also with .25 I decided to avoid any casting and set up an interface on the player controller. normally you would just cast to the proper player controller - and if you ever change the BP all the references would have to be changed.

Great! I will try this one thank you so much dude :smiley: