Hide mouse cursor during drag and drop operation

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Today i have problem with: Hide mouse cursor during drag and drop operation.

I try hide it by player controller show mouse cursor bool when DDO detected but in this case that dont work. Cursor is hidden after DDO over. This look like default DDO blueprint force cursor to be showed (atleast i read this when i try find solution).

Any solution?

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Is there anyone can answer this question? UP!

This needs to be revived.
Why do we want this nonsense? because UE5 does stupid things.

For some reason the mouse frame rate when dragging the object seems correct. But it depends on how the object is selected (a corner) and the speed of the mouse (higher), the framerate of the game (low), there are cases that it is not fulfilled correctly and then, the dragged object is quite far from the cursor.

Surely there is some “enlightened” person who has never encountered the problem… and will tell you that drag and drop works well… I suppose if you make toys it does.
The framerate of the mouse is not the same as the speed here at which the drag moves. An example:

For the enlightened one who has to say something (I don’t feel like listening to it)
We are looking for this.

It does not work correctly. By not working correctly I mean that the object is too displaced from where the cursor is. In some (many) cases it goes quickly.
The operation does work, the visualization does not.

1 - the Show Mouse Cursor does not work for this case.
You don’t try to hide this, as you need the mouse to be captured with the object to let it go somewhere specific. You don’t have to hide anything, you have to capture and hide like the (Hide cursor during capturing)
2 - Set InputModeGameAndUI (Hide cursor during capture) does not work for this case.
It doesn’t work, when you drag the mouse appears. What you have to do is capture yourself with the drag so that you can drop the position of the drop where you need it.

For the “enlightened” one who thinks that it will never happen to them and that it is a specific case.

Does this nonsense happen in Unity? No.
Does this nonsense happen in CryEngine? not even a joke.

Any ideas on how to do just what he does in the video?

By the way, they are competing against a 1999 engine, released in 2004, the world of warcraft editor or wowEdit. We are almost in 2024.

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Yeah that’s pretty bad lag. I don’t think I’ve seen a drag and drop UI in an Unreal game that I remember. This could be why? :expressionless:

Even if the drop is not applied (which I control), the problem originates from the Drag operation. When you use drag, it does so incorrectly depending on the selected area of the object, speed and fps of the game, as I mentioned.
The drop obviously has to disappear or do x function.
The problem is the Drag operation.

I don’t know, but it seems that in the post, it seems that the framerate does not match the drag operation. Internally I don’t know if the mathematics performed is correct.
My code is the same as the documentation.

That’s why the idea is to hide the mouse, something that is very ugly, but can be effective and does not work with InputModeGameAndUI (Hide cursor during capture) as I said.

This is the drag of the operation:

It does not work well.

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I’m not a mathematician, but I had to do trial and error too many times and this was difficult for me but I found the solution. It works 100%.
Here full video in Mega

Is it complex? Yes, at least for me. I’m too happy that it works and I don’t have to hide anything anymore. The problem will be how I apply it to the drag operation, that is another story.

The problem is that Drag Operation’s move is not entirely correct. I’ll see if I can fix it.

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