Hide layers of cave as character walks deeper in

I have a idea for a feature in the game I am working on and I wanted to know if anyone has any idea how to make it happen. The basic idea is your 3rd person character is walking down into a cave. As you go down a layer (like story of a building) the layer above disappears.

I tried culling settings with cameras but since they are based on camera distance it didn’t work right with the limited UE4 knowledge I have.

Please see the mock up images attached, the character is shown as a red stick, and the blocks disappear as the stick moves down levels.

Any help would be great! Thank you!


That is usually done by a line trace from camera to character.
If a roof mesh is hit then it is set a fading transparent material.

Or you could use simple trigger volumes at cave entrances

Thank you, I will try those methods!

Sounds like Level Streaming