Hide from third person character

Hey guys, I want to create a scenario where a secondary pawn chases the primary character but hides once a box is triggered. I’ve got this set up to enable the chasing part but I can’t seem to get the hide part to work. I’ve been trying to use a ‘set actor hidden’ node and a trigger box but no luck.


Sorry, I’m a little confused on what you’re looking for.

Do you want the primary character to “hide” like a survival horror game? Or do you mean you want to character hidden as in, the character itself disappears from the screen?

I’d like the primary character to hide and the secondary character to stop looking for them, wait a certain amount of time for them to appear and if they don’t, then walk away

I’m trying to use a ‘disable movement’ node to stop the secondary character with a collision box but as soon as I play the level the box is triggered even though it’s nowhere near the character, any ideas?