Hide/disable transformation widgets for an actor

Hi folks. Suppose I am customizing my editor for other users, and I want to be able to modify an actor’s location/rotation/etc from C++ code (say, by overriding BeginPlay()). However, I don’t want users to be able to click the transformation widgets (translation arrows, rotation gimbals, etc). I can modify the actor’s bEditable bool, but that removes the actor from the World Outliner and makes it impossible to select the actor, or modify any of its other properties. I could also override the EditorApplyTranslation() function (and similar for rotation and scale) to do nothing, but then the widgets are still there, which just confuses the user. They will complain that the widgets are broken.

So, I was hoping there was a way to either explicitly hide the widgets, or implicitly do so by somehow marking the actor as “immoveable”. I tried googling around, but didn’t find anything useful. Any suggestions? Blueprints might be an option here, though I admit that I am not an expert in them.