Hide Bone without hiding its children

Hey guys,
I’m currently using the FPP skeleton and mesh. At certain camera locations the shoulder is in front of the camera and blocking the view. Because I just need the forearm I thought I could just hide the upper part of the arm.

What I tried is hiding the shoulder bone (with “Hide Bone by Name”) and then unhide (“Unhide Bone by Name”) the lower part of the arm, which isn’t working. The whole arm stays hidden, because the forearm is a child component of the shoulder bone.

Is there an easy way to hide a parent bone without hiding its children?


I suggest you to adjust camera collision instead. So that when something unwanted gets on its way, the camera will just ignore it.

Four years later, still no answer ?

i need answer aswell

I would also love an answer to this

My problem was stopping update of virtual bones based on head bone I tried to hide. So I was need hide head without children to resolve it. And I don’t know how to do it but I found alternative solution that works in my case.

Solution of my problem is use Transform Modify Bone in the character’s anim BP to set scale of head bone to very small value. Head is not “hidden” because In this case (I think) head and child bones will be fully rendered and updated

I also tried to extend HideBoneByName with c++ but my code has a strange effect so I stopped work with it. I will attach source files below. (This code doesn’t work! But maybe it will be helpful for somebody).


FASkinnedMeshComponentExtends.cpp (1.0 KB)
FASkinnedMeshComponentExtends.h (755 Bytes)