Hide Arrow Component when Deselecting Blueprint

Title pretty much sums it up. Does anybody know how to hide the arrow component whenever you deselect a blueprint in editor? This could be very useful for some of the blueprints I’ve been creating. :slight_smile:

Thanks for any responses!

Press the G button on your keyboard.

Negative. Talking about having them visible while using the editor in no game mode. I would like to be able to set the arrow’s relative location to a vector so that I can indicate which axis of movement I am explicitly allowing. For instance, sometimes it’s a good idea to constrain a vector so that it can only move in the X axis, and an arrow component would be a useful indicator. The problem arises when the blueprint has been duplicated dozens or hundreds of times, and your entire viewport is populated with arrows. The goal is to hide the arrows when the blueprint is not selected, but unhide them when selected as to keep the viewport clutter free. Switching to game mode via G key is not a solution to this idea. :slight_smile: