Hide and unhide elements in a sequence using blueprint based on a CSV file to generate a timelapse of a construction

Hello everyone, I’m trying to create a timelapse of a construction using a CSV file for a data table wich contain the element names or a tag to identify then and the start and end time of construction, in Excel I created formulas to transform the date in frames or seconds. With this information I’m hiding and showing elements based on the frames of a sequence.
I get to work but my sequence is started using the M key by the player control blueprint, my logic is when the sequence is at a time greater than the value of the CSV file it unhide the element, it works but only if I keep pressing M to update the time.
I need this because it’s a automated process, the chronogram and model change a lot during development. But if there’s another and better way It would be nice. Bellow some screenshots in sequence, is a little messed up because I’m new on blueprints and was trying to solve the problem without success.

Use Set Timer by Event.

  • Construct Timer (custom event) → Set timer by event (Event Construction)
  • Construction (custom event) → Does the looping work → Construct Timer
  • M → Branch(bool): False → Set bool True → Construction (initializes the process).
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Thanks for the answer RevOverDrive, but I can’t get to work, is possible to elaborate or show a print?

Here you go

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Still trying but can’t get to work, someone has a idea?