Hide and Restore Skeletal Mesh

Hello, I have a Skeletal mesh for a weapon I created. I have a blueprint for the mesh, and in it I have two events, one for “Pickup” and one for “Drop”. When I pickup the mesh I fix it’s position so it appears to be held by the mannequin hand grabbing the item. When I drop the mesh I set the mesh to hidden. This all works, what I can’t figure out now, is how to set the item to make it visible again. I’d like to have it so that if I use the Y button (Oculus Quest) in combination with the Trigger, it restores the visibility. Then if I release the trigger again, it goes back to being hidden. I’ve tried every combination I can think to make this work. Am I taking the wrong approach with this? I’m creating a VR game and the weapon is large (bow) so I don’t want to holster it to a socket position. Any pointers anyone can provide? Should I not be trying to configure input actions in the skeletal mesh blueprint?

You could make a variable boolean called “YbuttonDown” and set it to true on Y button press and false on Y button release. Then when you press the Trigger make a branch node to check if “YButtonDown” is true and if it is then use the same node you used to make the Mesh hidden to make it visible again.

[USER=“9437”]Seed 37[/USER] Here is what I had previously (see screenshot below).

Here is what I tried based on your response. Does this look right?

Yes, that looks like it should work. Is it doing what you needed it to do now?

[USER=“9437”]Seed 37[/USER] Thanks, at least I know what to aim for now. I found another issue, however, which looks to be the cause of all of my problems. The inputs were not being recognized at all. I setup a print screen as a test for each individual button press when the example above didn’t work, and found none of the inputs were producing a result. I put an Enable Input in the Event Begin Play, and noticed the keyword started working. Weird thing, the only thing (other than the keyboard) that seems to fire are calls to the Oculus Touch inputs, which I thought were deprecated (I’m using version 4.23). I plugged in one for the Y button using those and it fires constantly. Now I just need to figure out how to make it only fire when pressed… ugh… Can’t understand how for everything else (grabbing, teleporting, etc…) the Motion Controller inputs work, but for a Y button execution I apparently have to use Oculus Touch inputs. I read some people saying it’s a problem with the version of the engine and that I should upgrade. Scared to do that though, last time I fixed one issue only to have an issue with the Substance plugin not working, which stopped all progress in it’s track for me. Anyway, appreciate your assistance, hopefully when I get the inputs to actually work this logic will also work :slight_smile:

There is a “Do Once” and a “Do N” Node that might help you out with the “Y” constantly firing. Good luck with the upgrading, that almost always messed up my project in some way. Make sure you make a copy before you do it just in case.

[USER=“9437”]Seed 37[/USER] Ok, I’ll give that a shot. Greatly appreciate your help.