Hide actors

Hi guys…
There is somethink that allow me to hide my characater?
I have created the menù and my player spawn here but i can see the character…How can i resolve?

hey, look inside the class settings of your BP, you´ll
find a checkbox “Hidden in Game” which will result in what you want.

There are even the function: Set Actor Hidden In Game (or something like that) to do
that during runtime aka whenever you want.

And when i want to set it unhided?

Inside of your BP you can search for ‘Set Visibility’ and it will give you a component specific list, yet if you want to hide the whole actor, you can replace the component with a ‘Self’ Reference.

the node provides a boolean you can set (true for “Hide” and false for “Visible”)

edit: and yes if you want to do that with components you can use the “Set Visiblity”