Hidden widget still can be selected?

I hide the widget in hierarchy panel, it still can be selected in UMG viewport. But 4.16 will not.
If there is a lot of widget, It hard to layout my UI, temporary hide other widget is more useful.

Try locking it instead (padlock icon next to it)

I know that, but temporary hide other widget is more useful if there is a lot of widget in same place.

Could you show a screenshot with a hidden widget being selectable? On my end, when it’s hidden I can no longer interact with it?

Hi, like this below, hide the border UI then click the button in viewport, the button will be selected. In 4.16 won’t.:

Hm, you’re right. I do not know if that’s working as intended. Can’t recall how it was in the pre 4.17.

You can hide and lock it, I guess. Would that work?

Yes, it work. But I prefer to 4.16