Hidden Material Properties

Unreal 4.23

I was trying to connect a node to a material property using unreal.MaterialEditingLibrary().connect_material_property() but it seems that the unreal.MaterialProperty enum on python does not have any of the hidden properties, like World Position Offset or Customized UVs.
I’ve checked on Intermediate/PythonStub/ and Engine/Source/Runtime/Engine/Public/SceneTypes.h:149.

How do I connect nodes to those Material Properties?

Also interested in an answer to this. Additionally I’ve been unable to find a way to connect Material Attributes to the material output with Use Material Attributes enabled.

I had this exact same issue and I thought I was losing my mind. Is there no way to get the hidden properties added?

No news? :frowning:

Ressurecting an old theme here …
I’m writing a Houdini VAT import script and I need to access WorldPositionOffset and CustomizedUVs. Any Epic help would be awesome!