Hidden In Game vs Spawning

Hey guys (My first thread :D), hope this is the right category.

So I’ve been working on big open world kinda level. There is a number people that walk around a village and animals in the woods. I also have buildings that can be ugraded but the upgraded part is just hidden. So if I upgrade it I only set the “hidden in game”. I’m not sure how much processing power, if any, these hidden actors use. So my question is: When a actor needs to “appear” sometime in your game( like the buildings or animals when you get close enough), is it better spawn it in at the point or is it ok to just set it hidden in game and uncheck it when you want it to appear? Like what would be the best for performance?

Thanks in advance

I’ve wondered the same thing. Flipping hidden in game is more practical in some cases but I get weird behavior with that method after collision sometimes.