(Hidden?) Fees for Android/Ios development?

Are there additional (hidden?) fees for making IOS/Android games?

I’m asking because in unity3d making android game would require additional monthly payment for “android pro” version.

And I can’t exactly find info on the subject in UE4.

No there aren’t. All platforms are treated equally under the EULA.

There are a few different factors that can impact the cost of developing an Android or iOS app. The first is the complexity of the app. A more complex app will take more time to develop and will therefore be more expensive. The second factor is the experience of the development team. A team of android programmers with more experience will be able to develop the app faster and will also be able to avoid potential problems that could arise during development.

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Resurrecting a thread from 2016 to mention your dev house isn’t a great practice.

A post about your company/services in the LFW section could be cool though!

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