Hidden bones cast a hidden shadow request.

I can’t wrap my head around why this isn’t a thing already. When you want to make a true first/third person by changing the camera position on the player, you will run into the problem of the head mesh clipping through the camera. One way of fixing this, which is really easy but not available, is to hide the head bone of your mesh with simple input events and then set hidden shadow for your mesh. But, this DOESN’T WORK, you end up with a headless character in FP, even though your mesh is hidden with a hidden shadow??? The next best option would be to make a separate head of your character and attach it to the character which may not work perfectly or you could add a second mesh, hide it, and cast a hidden shadow but then it will most likely not react the same in certain events like being hit or mantling. This seems like a very simple problem to fix, I would do it myself but I can’t wrap my head around coding, this feature should be built in.