Hidden actor collision in Blueprints


I’ve been trying to implement disappearing walls when my character enters a building, but there’s a problem. Despite the objects being hidden they still block the trace under cursor. I can’t just turn the collision off as the walls still need to be there i just need them to start ignoring the trace when they turn invisible.

Set collision response to a channel sounds like it could do the trick but it doesn’t accept scene component references and requires primitive component instead.

Anyone know of any way i could fix this?

SetCollisionResponseToChannel is certainly the way to go. But, what’s the problem with the not accepting SceneComponent references? PrimitiveComponents are the only components with collision. Can you describe or send a screenshot of the problem in your Blueprint?

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First of all, thanks for your answer and sorry for replying so late. I was silly enough to try connecting scene component straight to the primitive component input without casting first. It’s such a rookie mistake that i’m a little bit ashamed i haven’t found a solution before posting the issue on forums.

Thanks again NachoMoneky2 :slight_smile: