Hi, we’re Toornament and we want to integrate our e-sports platform into Unreal Engine

Hey, we’re Toornament, a tournament management platform dedicated to video game competition. We have a public API but we want to provide more tools (like SDK, plugin…) for game studios. If you are working on a multiplayer game, please help us better understand your needs by answering this short survey.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

(If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or contact us at

Hi Havauk,

What is e-sports and how can your platform benefit our games?

Are you for real?

Thanks ambershee. I’m seeking Havauk’s definition of eSports and how the Toornament Platform will benefit our games (compared to the competition: MLG, Skillz, Battlefy, GamingBattleGround, Razer Arena, others).

Hi Techlord,

E-sports is everything related to videogame competition, from amateur tournaments to professional events.

Currently, tournaments are organized outside of the game which creates lot of complications (registration using an external website, need for players to understand written rules, arbitration processes involving manual reporting and screenshot uploads…). We want to take a step forward, to make it easy for both organizers and players to run competitions, by creating connexions between our platform and the game, or to help you integrate directly into your game tournament features.
There are two types of actors: Closed platforms (MLG, ESL,…) and Open platforms (Battlefy, Toornament,…). The open platforms allow anyone to create a tournament by providing a tournament management system. Our advantages compared to the other open platforms are:
• A deep integration of games (custom features)
• A public API
• Lots of sharing modules (Widget for website, Toornament TV for screen)
• A complete mobile application for tournament participants


That’s all great, but what inquiring minds really want to know is… :stuck_out_tongue:

Humm sounds like a front end application for the purpose of e-sport management rather than a necessary plugin solution that positions a game as a preferred e-sport platform.

I’m not even sure if your suggesting that your platform requires plugin support from the host application as to making it functional? A solution that can dig out big data would be nice but as is sounds more like Steam done supersized in a do it my way or no way solution.

To kind of point you in the right direction the game developer is always looking for ways to excluded 3rd party solutions and the people that you should be taking to are the actual competitors and providing a product to those who are in the business of organizing such events.

Thank you for your Response Havauk. Does your Platform provide the services needed to operate Cash-driven Tournaments ie Entry Payment Processing, Prize Payout, Persistent Player Stats, Leaderboards?

Hi Techlord,

These features are not here yet, but we are thinking about it :slight_smile: