Hi, um.. howto create Craters in a Worms-like 2D game?


in the game Worms, Shells hit on the ground or some object in the world, leave some huge craters , and the collision of the ground should be changed at same time

i have no idea how to do this :confused:

thank you

You won’t be able to do this using the stock UE4 landscape. You will need a voxel terrain for this. Search for “Cashgen” and “Landscape Architect” - 2 plugins that will allow you to do this.

Hope this helps!

If the game is really retro and simple you might just be able to cheat, namely…
Pack static-meshes together and hide / unhide them to create a fake deform etc.
In that case adding particles will help cover up the smoke & mirrors / tricks used.
To add to the other 2 projects mentioned, you may find more ideas in this thread:

You could easily create a landscape with the procedural mesh component, and then modify it as you please at runtime. I use this component for several of my projects, with terrain modification as you described.

oh thank you guys, for the sake of 2D game i bet voxel terrain is what i need, im going to check it out

thanks!! :cool: