Hi there! Let me introduce myself! :) ALSO Modeling Help?

Hi my names Kevin.
i have been interested in creating a particular new video game idea of mine and have just started modeling for the first time in Blender a couple hours ago!

i am currently modeling my man character “Jack the Jackal” based off my most current sketches.

i never had any experience whatsoever so it’s all a bit confusing i’ll admit haha.
However i am thankfully following this tutorial series here currently: :cool:
Hopefully once i finish modeling and animating this character i may begin working in U4

Thanks for reading! hope to have a great time working and receiving help from this community :slight_smile:
if anyone has any advice or tips for my model please feel free to post a comment! Thanks again!

Welcome Kevin! I don’t have any specific tips for blender, but in general you will need lots of practice. You may want to learn the fundamentals and try modeling other small things before tackling your own project, so that way you can have a base knowledge and level of familiarity with the tool. Best of luck!

I don’t have any experience with Blender, but the basics apply to all platforms/tools. Try to approach it more like one would with clay, if you’re at all familiar with that medium. What I mean by that is start with a much more general shape and incrementally start adding more and more detail to that shape.

Instead of extruding edges like you currently are try to start with a cube that would roughly cover the proportions of the characters head. Start with 3x3 polygons on each side. Form that cube to the closest shape you can with the polygons you have, and then when you can’t get any closer you cut in more lines/edge loops. Repeat the process until you’re satisfied! Be mindful of polygon usage, always ask yourself “is this edge/polygon really adding anything necessary?”

Edge loops are an edge that goes around your entire object. If you had a cube that had a line that went around the middle of it, the 4 edges that made up that line would be an edge loop. The technique of “ring and connect” (these are 3ds max terms, but I’m sure Blender has an equivalent) is one of the basic game modeling techniques used because it lends itself to very clean topology. I’d suggest googling for some tutorials for “blender edge loop modeling”.

Cool sketch tho :slight_smile: