Hi need quick help 3080/90 or M1X

Hi guys, I’m new to unreal engine game development I was using unity but it wasn’t good at all for me, so now after learning it and UE5 coming out I’m looking to buy new computer but I don’t know what to buy
Can you help me which one would be good because I’m looking for big games and powerful pc, my games are for console and pc
• PC with rtx 3080-3090 : windows
• M1X Apple Imac coming out later this year
I’ll really appreciate your help

This is maybe a good choice:
Nvidia RTX 3090 (As you suggested),
Any Motherboard,
Intel i9-10900K or something that you would like,
A strong Power Suply.
If i missed some other parts, then that’s because it’s your choice.