Hi need a little help :)

Hello I am looking for a tutorial please or explains how to create a character in the first person without much **** because I understand anything in English thank you for answer.

(I apologize for my bad english)

What exactly do you want to know? → how the thing in the engine works/how it works in your 3d program/… :slight_smile:
For the start → take a look at the fps sample to see how everything works

thank you for your reply

I would like to repeat a character with any animation
having a stationary body instead of the arms
change the basic character fps in full character

sorry for my bad english

-take a look at Animation Retargeting -> with that you can use your animations with same skeletal meshes or other ones:
-when you want to use a 3rd person character as a fps char, I would recommend you to start with the 3rd person template + this video: :slight_smile:

thank you very much to her I was looking for
thank you very much
thank you very much
thank you very much
thank you very much