Hi! I'm new, and I've struck an issue early!

Hi everybody! First time here, and using Unreal, so please be gentle. :slight_smile:

I just signed up and installed Unreal Engine. I’ve picked a tutorial to follow along with and straight away I see that I’m already having some sort of issue. The camera just won’t stop panning slowly to the left.
So I launch the editor, create a new project and the third-person default level pops open, and bang, the camera is panning to the left. I can stop it only by right clicking on objects on the scene, bringing up that little menu. But as soon as I click out of it, it starts again. I’ve previewed the level, and that part seems fine. I closed and reopened the editor and its still going on. I’ve searched the issue on google and all that comes up is other’s issues with getting cameras to follow the player and whatnot. I wish I was up to that.

So how about it? Anyone else seen this? Is it a feature I don’t understand. Any light shed on this would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Does it pan when you are sitting idle or moving/rotating?

~ Jason

Game pad plugged in? If so, it could have it’s dead zone incorrectly set up and have a slight left on it … only say this because this is what exactly happened to me :slight_smile: (old decrepit 360 wired pad).

Have you also tried it in a blank level? -> it could be that a collision is not working properly :slight_smile: Also make sure that you use the “epic” quality settings -> this sometimes causes these strange problems :stuck_out_tongue:

Also if you have a gamepad plugged into your PC, make sure it is calibrated, and try unplugging it to see if it is causing this to happen.

EDIT: whoops sorry Ghiest, didn’t read you post… :slight_smile:

Same goes for your keyboard, make sure the ‘A’ key is not stuck down.

Gahh! You are completely correct, it was my bloody Xbox controller xD

I must say, the thought of checking my controller for the source of the issue probably wouldn’t have ever occurred to me. Thanks a million, you guys! :smiley: