Hi i'm new and i'm stuck [ HELP :( ]

*Hi, my name is I’m an Animator from Chile, and I’m kind of new on Unreal. (I used Unity before so I have a little experience)
Right now I’m working on my first game and I’m using Blender and Unreal (I think it’s THE WAY to go right now) (Also apologies for every mistake writing, I don’t usually speak/write in English) *

-So what I’m trying to do it’s to add some physics to my actual game, I already have some interactions like opening doors (with different methods), talk to npcs and puzzle stuff. But the problem was when following a tutorial I find out that the component “***Physics Handle” ***doesn’t exist anymore. And Watching a lot of tutorials they all use the same component.

Anyone knows another way, or the proper way to do this kind of stuff (I’m talking the grab system similar to Skyrim) **BTW I’m using the TopDownCharacter.

Here some images**

If you drag a line out from the “out hit” and select “break hit result” you will find that the line trace is returning the component which your function wants.
Alternatively, right clicking the “out hit” and selecting “split struct pin” will give you access to the same information.

it seems a bit odd to me that your function wants the component and not the actor, but whatever.

Thanks, after a completely sleepless night I finally get it working. Here’s the final result



I know is a hell of a mess but at least it’s working…sometimes hahaha. I don’t know why but it’s not 100% accurate, you have to click a couple of times to pick an object.