Hi, I'm looking for a little guidance on launching an app on a Samsung Book2

Hello, I have limited experience with developing in UE4, but it’s over many years, and I’m determined. I’ve launched successfully on a Samsung phone and Oculus Go, but I’m running into some (probably basic) problems with trying to launch onto my Samsung Galaxy Book2. I’m unable to get my computer to recognize it when plugged in, as an android device, so I’ve tried packaging and transferring the file over to my Book2…which didn’t work…before I jump too far into a rabbit hole about trying multiple things, I thought I’d check here.

I’m confused as to whether my Book2 is an android device, or a windows machine. It runs off windows, but I’m guessing that I’m not understanding some pretty basic things here which are likely to guide me down the wrong path.

I’m just looking for some basic advice on what I might need to do to launch onto this device. I’m sorry if this sounds like a newbie question, it probably is, I’m a contractor who is trying to make a tool for my work, I’ve had success with other android devices, but there’s something with this one that I’m missing.

Any help would be appreciated,

Thank you very much, in advance,