Hi, I work as a teacher with CAD and design

And I wonder how to use CAD data in UE4, we use Showcase to convert .step to .fbx (to blender) and we like to have many moving parts and links.

for instance a car were you can klick on the door handle and it will open

Or a forest harvester which can cut down trees…

That’s complex, but very doable.

Make sure that you have any moveable meshes separated into vertex groups before you apply the armature, or each piece separated into individual meshes.

Essentially what you’ll have to do is take all the bits and pieces, hook them up to an armature, then import as a skeletal mesh. You can probably set-up animation in blender, but it can sometimes be simpler just to do it in unreal.

If it’s all be properly imported, follow the blueprint tutorials that Epic have released, they go over setting up button presses and classes, and the level design videos has a section on triggering a moving door - the trigger volume can easily be changed to a button press.

Creating destructibles requires you to use Nvidia’s Physx Lab program (which is free) to get a destructible object that you can break apart in engine (I have yet to find out how to turn a static mesh into a destructible inside the engine). Be aware that generating destructibles can be quite performance intensive, so keep the meshes as simple as you can, it gets messy quickly.

Thank you, I just checked unity and there the fbx comes in with full hierarky and pickable objects… But then you have to start coding… I like that the students can use “blueprint”
I will try the skeleton mesh approach!