Hi, how can I get de name of the materials from a Static Mesh and search it in a Data Table

HI.I am looking for a button in a Utility Widget that looks for the name of the materials of a selected Static Mesh and replaces them looking for them in the table. But I don’t know how to connect the Row Name to the name of the materials that I import

You seem to have most of the datatable stuff sorted so here is how to get the material by name

Enable plugin "Blueprint Material and Texture Nodes

Use “Find Existing Material” passing in “/Game/YourMaterialDirectory” as base path
Material full name = material name.
If you want to search sub folders then turn on “Recursive Paths”

@3dRaven Where do you find this node after enabling it? I am not able to find it. Thanks in Advance.

@s.h.a.z You need to enable the plugin blueprint material and texture node (screenshot in my post)

@3dRaven Yes, I’ve enabled the plugin and restarted the project file. Still no luck. And under what section can I find it. Thanks a lot for the quick response.

Ok, I am finding it under Utility Widget But not in user widget class or any other blueprint for that case. Thanks. I ve just starting on Unreal quite recently.