Hi Guys! Totally new with UDK and Want to make a lowflying shooting drone..

As I said, Im going to remodel an old drone model I have, but I have no idea how to make it fly or shoot? I want it to move as the original UTpawn, Just for fun I tried to make the UTpawn fly, but the Bot just did fall down on the ground, even though I set it to flying object… NO PROGRAMMING FOR ME! So please, explain how to do this in Kismet. Thanks!

Don’t use the utpawn.Use the cicada skeleton for the dron as it can shoot and has all the physics ready.

might as well just use UE4 instead of UDK :slight_smile:

Yea, but the cicada needs a character to fly, how do I solve that? It also has a diffrent shape compare from My small Drone. If I make a custom skeleton, wourld it be hard to make it follow waypoints and shoot??? About UE4. Making an AI in UE4 is very complicated even with UE4s “Kismet”. Im just a simple graphics artist so UE4 is just to comlicated for Me sadly! I have seen pros making AIs in UE4 and the result was very crappy, and that after a very big job…

using kismet to make a vehicle follow waypoints is tricky and unreliable.its quite easy to do it in script though.

example http://forums.epicgames.com/udk/udk-main/udk-general-discussion/302068-refreshing-myself-on-the-vehicle-systems/page6