Hi, can't download Epic Games Launcher

Hi frogsrop,

First off, make sure you have created an account and have signed in before trying to download the engine.

If you are already doing that, could you copy the text from that error to here? That way I can get a proper translation for the error.

Hi! Now i got the Epic Games Launcher but there is another problem now)) “Could not download installation information. Please try again later.”. I got this error. Can it be because of my location(Kazakhstan)?

Kazakhstan is not a blocked country by the U.S. Unless they are blocking something from your side, you should be able to download the editor.

Try the troubleshooting steps listed here.

If nothing works, follow the instructions here to generate your Debug Logs. Then post them here, along with your Dxdiag (system specs).

Thank you! I solved the problem by changing DNS