Hi, can you help me?

Hello, i was downloading unreal engine 4.15.1 for my pc and i can’t exceed of 937mb, it goes up to 940mb all the time, can you help me?

937 MB of what? Disk space? RAM usage?

Assuming you mean 940mb ram (since this amount of disk space is far too little to store UE4):
At any given time UE4 uses an average of at least 1gb ram on my pc while idle, and I assume it will be the same pretty much anywhere else.
It will take up more memory when you run your project, depending on the assets and code used.
In short, if you only have 937mb ram to spare for UE4 you’re pretty much screwed and you should probably either find another rig with more ram to spare than yours, or upgrade your own rig by adding ram.