Hi all UE dev

hi all, how is going your day? hope great, i’m here from cryengine decided to switch to ue because cryengine support disappointed me a lot, just had tryed to import a character in cryengine from 1 month without receive any support in forum, now in 10 minutes i achieved to do that in ue4. hope to receive support and of course offer my support to all the community, that’s it, good work and have a nice day.


well , welcome to UE4 and the forum:)

and yeah forum support is one of the things this community does best:D.

Hey there,
It’s the power of a good community :wink:

hi guys, yes i read is many threads that this is best community and i see that have too a great updated and detailed documentation that’s what i was looking for
thank you

Welcome over :slight_smile: Any time I’ve ever had an issue or question I’ve always managed to get an answer for someone. A good resource too is the UnrealEngine answerhub https://answers.unrealengine.com/ - it’s great for any specific questions about the engine, I usually get fast answers (never waited more than a couple hours)

awesome, thank you Pinworm :slight_smile:

Welcome! :smiley:

I do believe this is one of the most helpful communities around! :slight_smile:

Welcome. And yes this is one awesome community. When I needed help I would get replies quick. And everyone is always helpful.

Nice To meet you guys

Welcome to our community!

Work hard and ask questions whenever you’re in doubt, there’s always someone that will have an answer for your probs :stuck_out_tongue: