Hey wassup. MID, a new game under my development have a look

Hey guys,
I’m Vamshik.M and recently for a few months I got a new kind of story Idea, one that has you on the edge of your seat. And I thought this would be a good game story especially for an RPG, so began my development and everything was behind doors till now as I wanted to show my work at it’s finest, well I thought why not share a small piece of work today since I live in India, It’s also our Independence day, so I remembered a beautiful dialogue that is

Mind zooming out to see the whole image or just download it,

I know it’s not so interesting,
But Like I said I want it to be more of a surprise, I’ll show my vertical slice version once it’s done
Well If you figured out what MID stands for, you’re smart

well It stands for Monsters In Disguise,
The partagonists’s story is complicated but meaningful, In the journey of the game you will face all manner of situations for those that make you say wow to those that can make you cry and other that make you think and a high chance you will break your mouse, Just kidding…

Enjoy a path of misery, difficulty and moral values as dive into a immersive story that can make you wonder weather you are on the good side or not
and meet an antagonist that you can never forget for what he has put you through, and also play a mind game with him which involves you actually play with people’s lives and keep regret for later.

That’s all I’m ready to share with you, why not wait for a week or so when I’ll show you a more polished version of what I’m making…

Thanks for reading,
you can contact me by ,
email: vamshikmohan@gmail.com
facebook username: vamshik mohan
be right back…