Hey VR/AR Dev's.. found this while job searching! (Raytheon)

It is an E03 or E04 depending on applicant… but E03 salary is just under $93,000/year!

Required skills:
Minimum of 4 years of experience in 3-4 of the following:

◦Graphics software (OpenGL, DirectX)
◦Software application development and architectures
◦Network Architecture development
◦Real-time/Gaming development
◦VR/AR systems integration/development
◦Human-Machine interface development
◦Technical Presentations

Desired skills:

◦Expertise with emerging 3D technologies, i.e., hardware, software, firmware
◦Dynamic, engaging technical presentation
◦Systems Engineering and architecture development
◦Project management, integrated master scheduling and cost management
◦Able and excited to learn and work with cutting edge software and technology
◦Audio/Visual systems integration and operation

Required education

This position requires a BS degree in Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Information systems and Technology, Systems Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, or any other applicable engineering or science discipline.