Hey there how can i fix so my Directional light in an actor only effects the objects in the actor

As seen in my question above, like i want my directional light inside my actor only effect things inside that actor and not light up the world.

Hey @Zondyz,

Unreal lighting can be split into channels, so you could set the light channel of your directional light and your mesh to an unused channel like channel 3, which would technically do what you are asking but would likely cause issues down the line. All other meshes in channel 3 would be lit by the directional lights of other meshes and may become too bright over time. To set a light channel, simply search for channel in the details for the component you are changing, or scroll down to Lighting > Advanced > Channels.

If you are looking for a good way to make meshes glow without giving off light, consider emissive materials. Read this for more information on emissive materials. In particular, take a look at the section titled “Turning on or off Emissive Influence in the World” as that will allow you to make items glow without actually casting light into the scene.

I hope this information helps, and good luck!